Lacrosse goalies need to see and react to shots constantly. Virtual Goalie drops you into an immersive virtual field of play.  Drills give you the opportunity to work on time and room shots, alley dodges, close fakes, pass-to-shoot scenarios and offense vs. defense simulations. Data is power. We track everything and our mobile app gives you feedback on shots and saves.

Virtual Baseball has four training programs that help batters hone their skills.  Batters need to make decisions in a fraction of a second.  The swing needs to start, or not start, long before the pitch gets to the plate.  To replicate your need for fast decisions, you can choose to use “occlusion” to have the ball disappear in the latter stages of it’s path.  View your data in our dashboard to compare your stats based on strikes/balls, pitcher hand, pitch type, and occlusion settings.